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How is a TFT LCD Made?

It's common during engagement with a client and the product development process to get into technology discussions as a matter of general interest, to support a particular product or technology recommendation.

One of the more common topics is how a TFT LCD is made and this usually comes up when we are differentiating a TFT CELL from a TFT MODULE. The CELL being the actual LCD glass assembly before a flex tail is bonded and final assembly of films, light guides and backlighting is completed, creating a LCD MODULE.

DCL Technologies is not the author of the video below. However recognition and a big thank you goes to AUO, a major TFT LCD CELL and MODULE maker for sharing this animation which demonstrates the LCD MODULE manufacturing process.

Its a fascinating look at the process we might not normally get to see this way or fully understand without this easy to follow animation.

DCL Technologies certainly supplies great AUO LCD products. Additionally we build custom module from cells when a standard product may not fit a requirement.

We help our clients with display and touch panel solutions that are right for their applications and use cases. We back that great local value with a rolodex of long term vetted supplier and manufacturing relationships in Asia managed by local DCL team members.

If you're looking for product differentiation and cost advantages while still getting great support and supply chain longevity and services, call or email us.


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