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Quick Details

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  • DCL is a direct supplier of off the shelf displays from all major manufacturers.

  • We specialize in custom and semi-custom display options that meet specific requirements.


  • Standard to High Brightness

  • Standard to Wide Viewing Cones

  • Standard to Extreme Temperature Specs

  • Up to 7 years product longevity

  • De-Risked supply strategies

  • Stable pricing programs 

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Competitive Pricing and Reliable Supply

At DCL, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive approach to LCD sourcing and guidance. Our dedicated supply chain team, based in Asia, has fostered strong partnerships with leading LCD manufacturers to ensure not only competitive pricing but also a consistent and reliable supply of LCDs from all major makers.


Whether you require off-the-shelf solutions or bespoke LCD modules tailored to your specific application, DCL has you covered. With our custom and semi-custom design capabilities, you only pay for the features and specifications that your application demands, providing you with optimal value without unnecessary expenses.

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Tailored Solutions for Challenging Applications

For those facing challenging applications, DCL brings over a decade of expertise to the table. We specialize in making displays excel in environments they weren't originally designed for, tackling the toughest challenges head-on. DCL has the knowledge and experience to transform these displays into reliable solutions for your long-term needs.


With our product and business strategies geared towards industrializing LCDs originally intended for high-volume, short-production-life consumer applications, you can trust DCL to deliver durable and dependable display solutions for your unique requirements.

Embedded Catalog

Embedded Display Selector Guide

Search our database of display and touch panel solutions for quick proto-typing, as the foundation for a semi-custom design or use them as is for mass production.When you find a panel or two you'd like to learn more about, note the product ID and drop us a message or call.  DCL is a direct supplier of off the shelf displays and we make it easy to advance your project with quick access to specs, samples or demo's.

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