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As outdoor kiosks continue to play a significant role in various outdoor applications and environments, ensuring the reliability and longevity of display systems under challenging environmental conditions becomes paramount.

At DCL Technologies, customers can rely on our touch display solutions for outdoor use to be designed to withstand environmental factors such as infrared heat, exposure to UV rays, rainwater, and potential vandalism.

Our touch display monitors for outdoor settings are meticulously crafted for longevity and dependability.

Quick Details

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  • Diagonal Sizes from 1” to 80”

  • Resolutions up to 3860 x 2160 (4K)

  • Achieve All Light Readability

    • ​Brightness levels up to 5000 nits

    • Auto-Dimming down to 1 nit

    • Low reflectivity designs

    • Lens/Touch Panel Optical Bonding

  • Designed for Reliability

    • ​UV resistant materials reduces material decay

    • IR blocking technologies reduces heat load from the sun

    • Wide operating temperature displays reduces the chance of failure under extreme temperature

    • Impact resistant lenses for high risk applications reduces damage from vandalism or accidental drops

  • Always Touchable

    • ​Heavy gloves

    • Rain water on the screen

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30+ years of experience in making displays work in applications they weren't designed for!

DCL Technologies Outdoor Touch Monitors are meticulously engineered for outdoor durability, featuring robust materials that withstand rain, snow, and high temperatures. With enhanced brightness, resistance to UV and IR exposure, they ensure longevity and optimal performance, even in direct sunlight.

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Incorporating advanced touch technology, customizable options, and vandal-resistant construction, our displays offer reliability and peace of mind for various outdoor applications, from digital signage to interactive kiosks.

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Touch Monitors surgically designed for demanding outdoor settings.

At DCL Technologies, we take pride in our surgical approach to designing and building touch display solutions tailored for outdoor applications. Our process begins with years of experience of the unique challenges posed by outdoor environments, including sunlight readability, reliable touch performance, exposure to extreme weather conditions, UV radiation IR Solar Loading and potential vandalism. Armed with this knowledge, our expert team of engineers meticulously selects the materials and components to ensure the longevity and reliability of our products.

Furthermore, our commitment to excellence extends to every stage of the design and manufacturing process. From the initial concept and prototyping phase to rigorous testing and quality assurance procedures, we prioritize precision and attention to detail. Using 30 years of application and use-case experience and leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we deliver touch display solutions that not only withstand the rigors of outdoor use but also provide seamless functionality and intuitive user experiences for years without failure.

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outdoor monitors

Touch Monitor Selection Guide for Outdoor Applications

Discover our range of pre-designed touch monitors specifically designed for outdoor applications.  

Cant find what you were thinking of?  Contact us and we will design a specific solution for your application!

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Managing Heat in Outdoor Kiosk Applications

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Strategies for Outdoor Kiosk Success

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