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Quick Details

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  • Front surface of touch panel, impacting product appearance and user experience.

  • Material choices, shapes, masking, artwork, logos, drilled holes, edge treatments.

  • Tuning may support cover lens, gloved inputs, false touch rejection, EMI immunity.

  • DCL works directly with touch controller makers, top industry touch factory engineers.

  • Controller choice crucial for touch-enabled solutions, impacting user experience.

  • Key for durability and optical expectations.

  • Shapes, masking, artwork, logos, drilled holes, edge treatments.

  • Enhances quality and usability of cover lens.

  • Support for liquids, heavy glove use, multiple touch points.

  • Interfacing requirements, custom flex tail shapes, longevity, price.

  • Firmware adjusts for optimal touchscreen performance.

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Expert Design and Tuning

At DCL, we bring extensive expertise to the table in designing, tuning, and bonding Projected Capacitive (PCAP) Touch Panels tailored to diverse applications. While we prioritize leveraging existing designs, our most successful outcomes stem from purposefully crafting touch screen user interfaces to match specific application and use case requirements.


This approach guarantees high performance and cost-effective touch panel solutions that meet your exact needs. We streamline the design, prototyping, and delivery process, ensuring a seamless experience in obtaining the precise touch solution for your application. With direct collaboration with touch controller makers and top-notch touch factory engineers, DCL stands ready to deliver industry-leading touch solutions tailored to your needs.

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Optimizing User Experience

At DCL, we understand the significance of cover lens design elements and offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your requirements. From material choices optimized for durability and optical expectations to meticulously crafted shapes, masking, artwork, logos, drilled holes, and edge treatments, we ensure that every aspect of your cover lens aligns with your vision and enhances user experience.


Our expertise extends to touch sensor controller selection, with a keen focus on critical considerations such as support for various environmental conditions, interfacing requirements, custom flex tail shapes, connection termination types, longevity, price points, and firmware optimization for optimal touchscreen performance.

Standards To Get You Started

Choose from our standard touch panels for rapid proto-typing, small volume needs or the foundation for a custom design.

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