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Quick Details

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  • Enhancements cater to various industry needs, from military to heavy equipment applications.

  • Improved luminance, contrast, and environmental performance.

  • Boost display performance through optical bonding.

  • Enhance optical performance, durability, and thermal ranges.

  • Displays excel in challenging environments like direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.

  • Tailored solutions ensure increased durability and functionality for projects.

  • Vertically integrated manufacturing ensures seamless integration of optical filters.

  • Expertise in optical bonding enhances contrast, readability, and reduces reflections.

  • Bonded displays offer increased tolerance to shock and vibration.

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Display Performance

DCL Technologies offers a diverse range of enhancements designed to meet the stringent requirements of various industries, spanning from military to heavy equipment applications. These enhancements focus on improving luminance, contrast, and environmental performance of displays, ensuring optimal functionality in demanding environments.


Leveraging advanced technologies, many of these enhancements can be seamlessly integrated through optical bonding, resulting in significant performance boosts. Whether your project demands increased durability, advanced functionality, or impact resistance, DCL Technologies' display enhancement solutions can be customized to precisely meet your specifications.

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Display Expertise

As experts in optical bonding, DCL Technologies enhances display performance by improving contrast, readability, and minimizing internal reflections. Bonded displays provide numerous advantages, including increased shock and vibration tolerance, critical for meeting strict material specifications in applications to be industry compliant.


With a wealth of experience and expertise, DCL Technologies is well-equipped to guide you through the complexities of display enhancement, ensuring that your project goals are not only met but exceeded with cost-effective solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Stack Up and Available Enhancements

Standard displays are great for indoor, non ruggedized applications. When your application is more challenging, a number of active and passive enhancement products are available to improve your displays image quality, increase a displays survivability in extreme conditions and help deliver a consistent experience to your users.


The magic is knowing which products and solutions are best for each use case, balancing cost versus results.  DCL has the experience to do just that! Contact the DCL team to discuss your application and determine which bonding method is best for your application

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