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Custom Enclosures & Assemblies



Quick Details

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  • Enclosures

    • ​Initial consultation to understand project objectives, design elements and product use case 

    • Design phase includes drawing revisions

    • Collaboration to create custom enclosure concepts tailored to meet objectives 

    • Material selection based on desired properties

    • Weather resistance, impact protection, and ergonomic/aesthetic design

    • Fabrication of enclosures using advanced manufacturing techniques and equipment 

  • Assembly

    • ​USA and Asia based manufacturing 

    • Comprehensive planning and design to outline specifications and objectives  

    • Prototyping and testing to ensure performance standards and user expectations are met

    • EVT (Engineering Validation Testing) 

    • DVT (Design Validation Testing) 

    • PVT (Production Validation Testing) 

    • Skilled assembly by technicians following exact specifications

    • Rigorous testing and inspection protocols throughout the manufacturing process. 

    • Final inspection and testing to validate performance and functionality. 

    • Properly designed packaging and shipping to ensure products reach destinations intact. 

    • Consistent delivery of high-quality display solutions meeting diverse application demands. 

    • Ongoing support and customization options for future modifications or upgrades as needed. 

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Custom Display Enclosures:  Material Versatility, Advanced Manufacturing Techniques 

Designing and manufacturing custom display enclosures involves more than just meeting specific design requirements. It also requires versatility in material selection to ensure optimal performance and durability. By leveraging a wide range of metal and plastic materials, including aluminum, stainless steel, ABS, and polycarbonate, DCL Technologies designers can tailor enclosures to meet various functional, durability and aesthetic needs.  Advanced and flexible manufacturing techniques further enhance the flexibility and precision of the fabrication process. This approach allows for the development of highly customized enclosures that not only provide robust protection but also enhance our client’s product and help to create the best end user experience. 

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Crafting Precision: Innovative Display Assembly Solutions

Our Display assembly services span the USA and Asia, involving a detailed procedure of integrating diverse components and materials to produce operational and aesthetically pleasing display solutions. Skilled technicians carefully assemble LCD panels, touchscreens, casings, and control boards following meticulous specifications. Stringent quality control protocols are enforced at every stage of assembly to detect and address any defects or discrepancies. Whether for industrial or commercial applications, rugged environments, outdoor settings or specialized devices, display assembly services are instrumental in realizing innovative display solutions efficiently and accurately. 

Some Information

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