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Quick Details

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  • Designed to ensure a lasting and reliable supply for many years 

  • Standard construction designs suitable for less harsh applications 

  • Robust construction designs ideal for harsh environments 

  • Diagonal Sizes from 7.0” to 80” 

  • Resolutions up to 3860 x 2160 (4K) 

  • Brightness levels from 300 to 500 nits 

  • Multi Touch PCAP Touch Panels 

  • Touch panel cover lenses selected with the appropriate materials tailored to your specific application requirements, with customizations including special shapes, colors, artwork, drilled holes and logos 

  • Panel Mount and Open Frame chassis options allow for seamless integration into your product. 

  • Closed Frame chassis options allows for mounting in any location using the industry standard VESA mounting

  • Custom or industry standard I/O options 

  • NEMA and IK requirements  

When intricate customization is needed, DCL Technologies has the expertise to meet your requirements efficiently and competitively.  

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DCL Technologies' Tailored Industrial Monitor Solutions 

DCL Technologies offers a comprehensive range of industrial-grade monitor and touch monitor solutions designed to meet the demanding requirements of various industries. With a focus on durability, reliability, and performance, our touch monitors are competitively built to withstand any environment and continuous use. Featuring advanced touch technologies, exceptional optical features and customizable options, DCL's solutions cater to diverse applications such as manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, and more. Whether it's ruggedness, precision, or seamless integration, DCL Technologies delivers tailored touch monitor solutions to enhance productivity and user experience across industries. 

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Outdoor Application?

The challenges of placing a display in an outdoor direct sunlight application involves addressing issues such as visibility, glare, and heat. Ensuring optimal visibility under bright sunlight conditions, managing glare to maintain readability, and mitigating heat buildup to prevent damage to the display are key concerns. Additionally, protection against vandalism, weather elements, durability, and reliability in harsh outdoor environments are essential factors to consider for long-term performance. 

At DCL Technologies, we take pride in our surgical approach to designing and building touch display solutions tailored for outdoor applications.


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Ind Monitors

DCL Technologies Monitor Selection Guide  

Through our experience in providing tailored monitor solutions over many years, we have accumulated a range of solutions that can serve as the foundation for your perfect solution. 

Cant find what you were thinking of?  Contact us and we will design a specific solution for your application! 

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