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How does a touchscreen work?

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

Smart Touch Thermostat

There are plenty of blogs, vlogs and articles on how touch screens work from basic to highly complex. Being in the business of designing and supplying touch panel solutions, I'll read anything on the topic!

I recently stumbled across BRANCH EDUCATION, a site run by Teddy Tablante and committed to engineering education. Teddy I hope you don't mind the attention :)

Discussions with clients about developing their touch enabled solutions often turn technical and some want to take a deeper dive into the "how".

While these video's use smartphones as the platform and come at the topic from a high level, I thought they were excellent at explaining the underlying technology very well.

Thank you Teddy!

I nor DCL Technologies have any connection to Branch Education and all credit for/rights to this content certainly belongs to Branch Education.


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