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Experts in Display, Touch, and Cable Technologies

Every client wants the nicest looking user interface for their product, characterized by bright images and rich colors at all angles with competitive prices, timely delivery, without compromising on quality.

For over a decade, DCLTEK has successfully met these goals by providing outstanding client experiences through a culture focused on accomplishing our clients' objectives.

Apply power, apply signal, and they are ready to go!

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General Touch Monitors

Touch monitors, whether off-the-shelf or semi-custom, offer reliability, easy plug-and-play functionality, and versatile mounting choices.

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General Touch AIO Computers

AIO (All-in-One) touch computers are versatile devices that integrate computer, monitor, and touch screen into a single sleek unit. 

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Industrial Touch Monitors

Precision-engineered touch monitors, surgically designed from the ground up to align seamlessly with your unique technical specifications and business goals.

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Outdoor Touch Monitors

Specifically designed for outdoor use, these touch monitors offer unmatched durability in harsh conditions ensuring reliable functionality and visibility.

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Embedded Display Solutions

Designed for performance, longevity and pricing objectives with great picks in displays, touch panels, peripherals and assembly services.  DCL has the experience, partnerships, engineering and business strategies to guide our clients to their desired results.


Embedded Displays

Custom LCD solutions, fully tailored to your specific application, alongside a comprehensive range of off-the-shelf LCDs

Displays Designed for Outdoor Use

Surgically designed embedded display solutions for outdoor use guarantee peak performance in direct sunlight and high ambient light settings. These solutions feature robust design elements to withstand wide temperature variations, UV exposure and IR effects from the sun.

Touch Panels

Reliable touch performance, along with optional enhancements, customized to meet specific application requirements

Touch Monitors

Touch monitors offer plug-and-play simplicity without the burden of complex setups.  From standard to fully customized configurations, including durable outdoor models, they cater to a wide range of applications

Cable Solutions

Custom designed cable assemblies with short lead-times and competitive pricing, manufactured to IPC/WHMA-A-620 standards for a wide range of applications

Display Bonding

Optically bonding an LCD to a touch panel or lens reduces reflections and glare, improves visibility and contrast, enhances durability and reliability for applications needing resilience and visibility. Perimeter bonding is a cost-effective method for indoor applications.

Display Enhancements

Increase display visibility with minimal power impact and/or save power on standard displays using LCD enhancements for better brightness, contrast, and color without major design changes.

Custom Board Solutions

Integrated custom board solutions offer benefits like simplifying product design, reducing failures, improving performance, streamlining the supply chain, and cutting costs.

Custom Enclosure & Assemblies

Custom display enclosures and assembly services by DCL Technologies cater to clients needing tailored solutions for their product requirements. They leverage expertise in materials, manufacturing, and quality assurance to enhance efficiency and help clients achieve their visions seamlessly.

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We solve your problems. We make it easy. Purchasing or engineering, designer or CEO, we understand your needs, are familiar with your priorities and goals and swiftly assist you in reaching your objectives.

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DCL Technologies designs and supplies high quality display and touch panel solutions that meet our clients cost, quality and supply chain objectives.

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We make great display based solutions

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with High Quality

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Delivered on Time

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Testimonials. What our clients are saying about us.

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DCL Tek is a valued supplier for our company. During difficult times DCL Tek came through locating a very difficult product. Always worked to solve problems and develop solutions. And always came through. I look forward to continue working with DCL Tek during this difficult time in the supply chain.


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Everything we do is built around adding more value and solving problems at every desk.  We make it easy for you no matter your role, no matter the task, to get whats important done easily and quickly.

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