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About DCL Technologies

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DCL designs high quality display solutions that meet our clients overall objectives.
Our mission is to be the easiest display solution provider to do business with

Our differentiator is a focus on delivering the best experience to our clients, at every desk

Our core value strategies are focused on making it easy for Engineers, Designers and Purchasing to get things done.



After 25+ years in computing and display solutions product management, technical sales and leadership roles for various industrial distributors, I formed DCL Technologies in 2014 as a technical sales consultant company for select U.S. based display value added manufacturers.  

During my career I developed key partnerships with display and touch panel focused Asia based manufacturers, technologists, quality and project management resources.  This "toolbox" of partners enables me differentiate DCL, meet market demand, add great value for our clients and stay ahead of "the competitive curve".

Meeting Market Demand now and in the Future

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DCL "2.0"


In 2020, DCL was re-tooled to directly support N. American OEM customers.  At that time the market was already shifting in ways that required suppliers to act faster, offer more value in engineering, logistics and purchasing and be more competitive than ever. 

Today the DCL value proposition is wrapped around delivering the very best experience in LCD solution design, product development, service and support.  We remove any roadblocks and red-tape when working to meet client needs.  Our partners in manufacturing enable DCL to offer high quality cost effective solutions.


We are meeting the challenges and requirements of our customers every day with high quality, priced right, delivered on time products. 




DCL will remain focused on delivering the display and touch sensor technology of the day to our clients.  Great products at competitive pricing is a given. We will continue to build processes and a team that supports our core value of making it easy for clients to do business with DCL, get their objectives done quickly. 


DCL is focused on our clients experience!

Longer term, as we always have, DCL will strive to capture cutting edge technologies and products in ways that enable their application in the overall OEM market.  Typically new technology and products originate in consumer products like smart phones, tablets, etc.  Our clients want to leverage the latest tech as soon as possible.  DCL will lead that effort ! 

We know who we are and will stay focused on being the best in our business. 

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