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Making it Easy for......

  • In Purchasing with cost down objectives ?
  • In Engineering with a quick turn prototype project? 
  • An Industrial Designer tasked to recommend a great user interface?
       you've got a job to do and DCL will help you get it done quickly and easily
  • Relevant product, solution and market knowledge

  • A partnership collaborative approach with clients

  • Great factory partners

  • DCL Team in Asia

  • Strategies that enable low pricing



You've got a job to do. DCL helps make it easy and fast to get it done. With 25 years experience collaborating, informing, guiding and partnering, DCL enables engineers to advance projects easier, get information faster and make great solution decisions.



We are SALES ENGINEERS!   We speak your language.  ​​

Get access to the tools you need right away


  • Relevant effective conversation

  • Product spec sheets and roadmaps

  • Samples

  • Quick proof of concepts

  • Rapid Proto-Typing​​

Have productive conversations about

  • Future proof designs
  • Supplier and component market conditions
  • Display and Touch Panel Solutions
  • Custom LCD and Touch panel Components
  • User Interfacing Solutions
  • Manufactured Assemblies
  • Peripherals
  • Cable Assemblies
  • Optical Bonding Services



Great designs start with you. DCL helps you add VALUE!

The user interface of any device is one of the most important in a product design.  Image quality and the user experience with the product can represent overall perceived quality and value of the company behind the product.   


Work with DCL and guide your clients towards the best solutions for their overall objectives.  


By choosing DCL for your display needs, you will benefit 

  • We help you navigate complex technologies and supply chains

  • You'll have visibility to hardware options and price-performance-longevity-support studies

  • We use our experience in all markets and all end user applications to position the best solutions and suppliers 

  • By collaborating and partnering, we will meet yours and your clients objectives and make you shine.


Adding DCL to your "toolbox" increases your value for your clients and differentiates your firm!




The DCL team clears a path to fast success.  With 25 years of experience and great partnerships in Asia, we know how to get things done fast, with quality, on time and on budget!
By working with DCL, you will have competitive pricing, an easy no red-tape engagement, and a robust and de-risked supply chain partner.

You get our quality parts, priced right and on time. 

Purchasing teams benefit

  • With vetted, well aligned and qualified suppliers

  • With a team in Asia working out of the factories ensuring we meet our client's product expectations and do so on time

  • by monitoring and de-risking the supply chain

  • by handling all monetary transactions with suppliers

  • We handle all communications with suppliers

  • We aggregate demand by matching application requirements to the most suitable factories and extending our volume buying power to our customers

  • We deliver a single sku solution, on time and on budget without burden on our clients

  • With pricing roadmaps that show our clients strategies and pathways to meeting long term financial objectives

One price - dock to dock service available

You pay one price including freight, tariffs, duty and taxes. 

You do not have to arrange for shipping, pick up at factories, custom paperwork, bill-backs, etc. DCL handles it all. 

Ask your DCL contact for more information


There are many companies offering display based solutions.   


It's been in our DNA for years to develop and execute strategies and programs that our clients value and set us apart, thus setting our clients apart in their markets 

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