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"All Displays are the Same"

Why is a consumer grade LCD not suitable for a commercial or industrial application?

.......... DCL Technologies shares the evidence.

What is a "consumer grade" LCD?

A consumer grade LCD is one that was designed for use in a consumer use product such as a laptop or tablet computer, a television or mobile phone. The use case for such devices is often very different from the use case of a commercial or industrial application.

Lets explore.....


Industrial environments often involve harsh conditions such as extreme temperatures, humidity, dust, and vibrations. Consumer-grade LCDs are not designed to withstand these conditions and are more likely to fail or become damaged when exposed to them. Industrial-grade displays are built to be rugged and durable, with features like reinforced frames and sealed enclosures to protect against environmental factors.

If an application requires 24/7 on time, the topic is even more important as the backlight system of a consumer grade LCD is not designed for such a use case whereas a properly designed display will offer a consistent result for a longer period of time.

In industrial settings, visibility is crucial, especially in well-lit or outdoor environments. Consumer-grade LCDs do not have the brightness levels or features necessary to maintain clear visibility in all lighting conditions. Industrial displays are often designed with higher brightness levels and optical coatings to ensure optimal visibility.

Color and brightness uniformity issues may not be an issue or evident on one display in a consumer product. However many applications demand higher optical quality and consistency and if a product is used in a chain like the menu board example above, the issue is even more critical. LCDs for commercial and industrial use are designed with materials that offer a more uniform brightness and color result.

Industrial LCDs are typically designed to operate within a wider temperature range than consumer-grade displays. They can withstand extreme cold and heat, which is important in industries where temperature variations are common.

Many industrial applications require touchscreens for user interaction. Consumer-grade touchscreens may not work well with gloves, in extreme temperatures, with liquid present on the surface as those designed specifically for industrial use.

Industrial equipment often has a longer expected lifespan than consumer electronics. Industrial-grade displays are designed to have longer product lifecycles and are more likely to be available for replacement or repair for an extended period.

Industrial applications may require customized features or compatibility with specific industrial equipment and control systems. Industrial-grade displays are often more adaptable and can be customized to meet these requirements.

While consumer-grade LCDs may be acceptable for general-purpose use, they may not offer the level of color uniformity, accuracy, and stability required in industrial applications where higher quality and consistency are essential.

Industrial-grade displays are engineered to meet these demanding requirements and are often the preferred choice in such scenarios.

While consumer-grade LCDs are often attractively priced, they lack the durability, reliability, and features required for industrial settings which can lead to a higher long term cost model .

Ruggedness, longevity, and specialized capabilities are essential. Industrial-grade displays are purpose-built to meet the demands of these challenging environments.


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