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Getting "Back to Business"

Last week marked my first business trip and live client meetings in a year. My driving trip took me from NY towards Ohio and then a tour of a few great states, ending in Wisconsin to conclude my first business flight as well. Yah!

Having driven so many miles, I had the opportunity to see a part of the country I hadn't visited in so long. The country has amazing wide open beautiful expanses combined with so much great industry. Coming from Long Island we see tech industry, the financial hub of NYC and localized specialty business types but we don't see multi million square foot warehouse hubs, huge auto factories, heavy equipment manufacturing plants, agriculture everywhere, fields of cows, horses wind mills (!) and so many tractor-trailers crossing the country!

Its easy to lose sight of whats going on in the other areas that contribute to keeping the country moving and growing!

I did not expect to appreciate the drive the way I did. Sure on Google maps it always make a lot of sense until your in hour 3 of a 10 hour drive! . ANYWAY......

At this point (in the U.S.), it appears businesses are lifting their own mask mandates and are VERY ready to get people back in seats, see visitors and move forward.

However its also clear we've learned new things along the way about "doing business" The pandemic forced business to adopt new standard procedures at every level. New methods of engaging clients, working supply chain, leadership engagement, maintaining overall productivity, re-tooled manufacturing processes and keeping employees confident and safe have been developed and adopted and what I'm hearing is these changes are here to stay for good reason.

The fascinating change is how companies blended old and new business practices and how adoption of such changes made many stronger companies with higher employee satisfaction and better value propositions in many cases.

A client shared that their sales leader was able to meet with clients in three geographies, deliver key presentations and have meaningful Q&A sessions, all in half a day and a fraction of the expense it would have taken pre-pandemic.

As sales folks we want to be in front of clients and we will be again but the wide spread adoption of virtual engagement is a game changer in discovery, on going client engagement and that's exciting!

Employee work-life balance get a boost as team members that can work from home or split their time are enabled to do so.

Of course we have to remember the tremendous loss of life and the known/yet to be known impact on families. Unbelievable sadness. Its very difficult to characterize anything as a positive from this pandemic but looking forward, it's been encouraging to see and learn what our reaction, action and results to what was dumped on all of us has been.


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