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Display Solutions for Smart Device Applications

Smart Device OEM's are liking the speed, red-tape free and "get it done" style of DCL Technologies Inc.

More so, the benefits of working with market, product and solution experts, not tied to any one "approach", is emerging as desirable and high value, especially with current market conditions as volatile as they are.

Certainly acting fast and making it easy for clients to "get things done"; these are great values that are resonating well. Guiding clients towards great component and design choices that meet all objectives, backed by solid data, demonstrates real value in these high volume price sensitive (and all) applications.

Consumers and users of these devices expect the same optical and touch features they experience on their smart phone devices. However consumer phone makers invest millions on design and R&D and manufacturer more devices in a month then even the highest volume smart home device maker requires annually.

The challenge is how to effectively leverage consumer display components for use in these applications.

Bringing smart phone display and touch sensor experiences into other commercial/consumer smart devices requires a supportive supply chain, a solid product longevity plan and balancing against pricing objectives.

Flexibility, reducing risk, effective high volume design and fulfillment. DCL has answers to these challenges !

DCL Technologies has successfully met these challenges with flexibility, reduced risks and competitive solutions

If you're looking for product differentiation and cost advantages while still getting great support and supply chain longevity and services, it's worth a call!

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