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Design 2 Part Show NJ is April 26/27 2023

Why do you want to be there?

"The Region’s Largest Design & Contract Manufacturing Trade Show"

This show is the most efficient place to meet hundreds of high-quality American suppliers of custom parts, stock parts, and manufacturing services. From design and prototypes to production, finishing, and assemblies

you will get the instant answers you need at this show.

Shorten Supply Chain - Discover New Materials - Improve Quality - See New Technology - Reduce Costs - Accelerate Delivery - Meet New Suppliers - Talk Projects!

Why is DCL there?

The Easiest Display Solutions Provider to Work With

sharing great examples of


Most OEM products have a user interface element. We strive to make the design, development, manufacturing and fulfillment process as easy as possible for our clients.

At the show we will have examples of our work, be able to talk supply chain, risk reduction and cost down strategies and showcase our overall value

Visit us at Booth 536

Registration is free at


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